Why Jedai for AI?

In today’s age of constantly-evolving technologies, businesses must keep up with the changing landscape to thrive. The widespread adoption of AI and machine learning has changed the way we solve problems and make decisions. As a result, businesses are investing in these technologies to remain competitive in the market, and this investment is reflected in …

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Taking a Closer Look at OpenStack Antelope Release 

‘Antelope’ is the latest release of OpenStack, which was introduced at the start of 2023. It comes with a set of distinctive features that are gaining more attention in the tech industry. As an open-source platform, OpenStack offers a vast range of components that enterprises can utilise to build and manage cloud infrastructures. In this blog post, we will dive into the components, characteristics, and aspects that make OpenStack Antelope stand out amongst its predecessors.

Cloud Migration

The holy grail of open infrastructure is an open cloud-native platform that allows organisations to run modern workloads, whether virtualised, containerised, or bare metal – at any scale. Open Infrastructure has become mainstream and there’s a march towards leveraging open technologies and components to build out modern services and becoming cloud native. This can often …

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