Looking for a VMware alternative?

If you’ve been following recent tech news, you’re probably aware of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, and the subsequent shifts it brought in VMware’s licensing and partner program. These changes, which include cancelling over 90% of its legacy cloud partner network support, have left a multitude of customers searching for alternative software defined infrastructure management technologies.

That’s where OpenStack comes in. This platform is becoming a popular choice for those in need of a VMware replacement. At the heart of our JedAI technology, OpenStack is a vital part of our lower-level infrastructure. It enables the provisioning of VMs, deployment, and management of software defined storage and networking, and provides feature parity with VMware’s capabilities.

Fig.1 Feature comparison table VMware vs Openstack. 

OpenStack has evolved tremendously over the past decade making it easier to deploy, manage, patch and upgrade – and with Define Tech support and services can provide a platform for hosting all existing VMware workloads and future proof organisations with a path to migrating to AI workloads in the future.

When it comes to cost efficiency, JedAI triumphs with its licensing model. We license on a per server basis, whereas VMware used a per core model. This equates to a significant reduction in your total cost of ownership. Plus, unlike VMware – which discontinued perpetual licensing – JedAI permits a transition from our support to a self-support model, meaning your tech environment continues to run seamlessly, even without our support: that’s the beauty of open-source software.

Our commitment to open standards ensures we maintain compatibility, use common OpenStack APIs, adhere to OpenSource interoperability, and build our platform using open-source tools and technology. The result? No long-term vendor lock-in for our customers.

If you’re a VMware user contemplating a switch to OpenStack, Define Tech’s strategic partnership with Hystax facilitates smooth migrations of VMs and existing VMware infrastructure.

Rounding off our offering, JedAI includes additional features, such as an AI batch engine, a full HPC environment, and our latest GPU AI service, at no extra cost or hidden fees.

If you are a VMware customer, currently considering your options, talk to us today about our simple and effective migration services, and how JedAI can deliver on your requirements.

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