Leveraging AMD GPUs with JedAI for Accelerated Private Cloud Solutions

For companies looking to scale their compute power cost-effectively while maintaining control over their infrastructure, integrating AMD GPUs with OpenStack could be the golden ticket. Accelerating your private cloud can provide you with the necessary edge to process large datasets, run complex algorithms and innovate at a rapid pace. AMD GPUs and JedAI can combine to power a high-performing, agile, and cost-effective cloud environment tailored for AI-driven workloads.

The Catalysts for Cost-effective Cloud Computing

Harness the Power of AMD GPUs

GPUs have emerged as the workhorses of modern AI and machine learning workflows, owing to their parallel processing capabilities. AMD’s state-of-the-art GPUs offer an affordable entry-point with robust performance attributes suitable for computationally intensive tasks.

JedAI Cloud Architecture

JedAI (built on OpenStack) provides a versatile cloud operating system to manage pools of compute, storage, and networking resources —all programmatically managed and scaled. By coupling AMD GPUs with JedAI, customers can achieve a highly flexible and configurable private cloud environment without the heavy price tag of some proprietary solutions.

Simplified Orchestration Meets Accelerated Insights

Seamless Integration

One of the key advantages that come from leveraging AMD GPUs within an OpenStack environment is the simplicity of orchestration. Thanks to JedAI’s modular structure and supportive ecosystem, customers can readily integrate AMD GPUs into their cloud infrastructure, crafting a bespoke backend that aligns with specific computational needs.

Scaling Made Easy

The magic of JedAI lies in its inherent scalability, which complements the scalable nature of AMD GPUs. Customers can scale their operations up and out with relative ease, ensuring that as demand for compute power grows, the cloud infrastructure can grow alongside it without spiraling costs.

A Platform for Future-proof Innovation

Customers leveraging AI technology require a forward-looking approach to infrastructure. By investing in AMD GPUs and deploying on JedAI, you’re not just opting for cost efficiency, you’re laying the groundwork for a future where seamless upgrades and incorporating cutting-edge technologies become a straightforward affair.

Cost Efficiency and Competitive Performance

The orchestration of AMD GPUs with JedAI yields more than just accelerated insights; it underlines a smarter allocation of funds. Instead of incurring the considerable expenses of proprietary hardware solutions, startups can invest savings into talent acquisition, research and development, or market expansion.

Shared Security and Reliability

Security and reliability are principal considerations for any AI strategy. In a private cloud setting powered by AMD GPUs and managed through JedAI, you have granular control over your security. Furthermore, AMD’s hardware is known for its reliability and endurance, which is critical in maintaining consistent operations and safeguarding against data loss or downtime.

Tailored for AI Workflows

AMD GPUs including the MI250 and MI300 Instinct range, offer specific features that are conducive to AI and ML tasks, such as optimised memory usage and rapid throughput, promoting efficient data management and swift processing—two aspects that are essential in the realm of artificial intelligence, where time is often of the essence.

AMD GPUs and Public Cloud

JedAI includes the ability to burst to public cloud as and when demand dictates – saving you the cost of running your infrastructure solely in a pub­lic cloud but affording you the option to extend your system out temporarily should your data pro­cessing requirements suddenly increase.

For customers looking to adopt a public cloud only approach, Define Tech can help customers migrate their on-premise infrastructure to recommended GPU Cloud providers (either private, public or hybrid), enabling them to achieve even higher levels of scalability and flexibility.

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