Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for Kubernetes – the Future of DevOps

‘Antelope’ is the latest release of OpenStack, which was introduced at the start of 2023. It comes with a set of distinctive features that are gaining more attention in the tech industry. As an open-source platform, OpenStack offers a vast range of components that enterprises can utilise to build and manage cloud infrastructures. In this blog post, we will dive into the components, characteristics, and aspects that make OpenStack Antelope stand out amongst its predecessors.

GTC 2023 Key Announcements

NVIDIA’s 2023 GTC event was a spectacular showcase of the company’s extensive progress towards transforming industries with AI. From cutting-edge hardware and software to millions of developers, its ecosystem has grown immensely in size as both tech executives and data scientists alike explore new possibilities enabled by this unprecedented level of innovation. GTC 2023 delivered …

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The NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU is the ninth-generation data center GPU designed to deliver an order-of-magnitude performance leap for large-scale AI and HPC over the prior-generation NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU. H100 carries over the major design focus of A100 to improve strong scaling for AI and HPC workloads, with substantial improvements in architectural …

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Cloud Migration

The holy grail of open infrastructure is an open cloud-native platform that allows organisations to run modern workloads, whether virtualised, containerised, or bare metal – at any scale. Open Infrastructure has become mainstream and there’s a march towards leveraging open technologies and components to build out modern services and becoming cloud native. This can often …

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Cloud Migration for Aspia Space

Aspia Space provides clients with its ClearSky Earth observation solution that uses AI to remove clouds from satellite imagery. By bringing together cutting edge artificial intelligence and satellite imaging, ClearSky offers organizations unprecedented cloud-free Earth observation imaging and understanding of the conditions and trends on the ground, across multiple sites, anywhere in the world.  THE …

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An AI Pod that’s Super Simple, Super Scalable, and Super Affordable

The worlds of HPC and AI are evolving at a tremendous rate. The demands of modern-day applications put immense pressure on local IT teams and resources. More often than not, this pressure can come from requiring an AI strategy to speed up mission-critical applications – but this can come at a cost which can hinder …

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MediaHub Australia

MediaHub is the largest broadcast service provider in Australia, providing over 400 broadcast and live streaming services for both television and radio to audiences locally, nationally and internationally. THE BRIEF Running its own broadcasting cloud service and co-lo facility for customers, MediaHub had a broad range of existing technology platforms including pockets of VMware and KVM as …

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SUSE Rancher and Define Tech collaborate to deliver Kubernetes-orchestrated HPC Cloud

LONDON, UK – January 12th, 2021: Define Tech Ltd, developers of the OpenStack-based JedAI Cloud platform has partnered with SUSE, a global leader in innovative and enterprise-grade open source solutions, to build an AI-optimised Cloud infrastructure for Kubernetes-orchestrated workloads at scale. For most industries, the term ‘Cloud-native’ is a popular goal for organisations that are striving …

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AI Reference Architecture

In this data-driven world, accelerating time to insights is the holy grail that research facilities are seeking, and as a result, many organisations are looking to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to advance their research initiatives. Of course with this AI-fueled innovation comes the enormous pressure on underlying infrastructure and the costs associated with continually upgrading legacy …

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