OpenStack Caracal feature overview

OpenStack 2024.1 Caracal (SLURP), is the latest iteration of one of the most comprehensive open-source cloud infrastructure solutions available today. This release heralds significant advancements that cater to a spectrum of cloud computing needs, from AI to HPC, while fortifying security and adaptability features. OpenStack’s newest release is a game-changer, particularly for those running AI workloads and seeking robust alternatives to proprietary systems like VMware.

Nova Compute Service: Tailored for AI & HPC
One of the standout enhancements in Caracal is its upgrade to the Nova compute service, specifically optimised for AI and HPC applications. The virtual GPU (vGPU) live migration feature is a cutting-edge addition that ensures high availability and flexibility, a critical need for AI-driven environments where machine learning models and data analytics activities are run continuously.

Ironic Bare Metal Service: Smarter Hardware Management
Ironic, OpenStack’s bare-metal provisioning service, now employs the Redfish API, shifting towards more sophisticated hardware management capabilities. This industry-adopted specification adds to the existing robustness of Ironic’s deployment and hardware lifecycle management, offering improved efficiency and consistency across diverse hardware platforms.

Designated DNS Service: Enhanced Scalability
OpenStack’s Designate now supports catalogue zones, which is great for those looking to scale DNS servers without compromising performance. With this update, managing large volumes of DNS records becomes much more manageable, empowering you to expand your cloud solutions while maintaining seamless domain name resolutions.

Octavia Load Balancing: Low-Latency Connectivity
Caracal introduces an evolution in load balancing performance through the use of single root I/O virtualisation (SR-IOV) and virtual IP (VIP) ports in Octavia. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for latency-sensitive applications, providing more direct data paths and reducing overhead for increased throughput.

Advanced Security Measures
Security improvements in OpenStack 2024.1 Caracal are both subtle and impactful. Role-based access control (RBAC) elevates user management and permissions structuring, and auto-closing expired sessions in Nova is an invaluable feature for maintaining a secure operating environment.

Robust Adaptability
Support for the latest software and hardware is a hallmark of OpenStack releases, and Caracal continues this tradition seamlessly. With up-to-date support for frameworks like Django and Node.js, and new Cinder drivers, you can be confident that your OpenStack experience is as current and compatible as the technology allows.

Who Stands to Benefit?

JedAI (built on OpenStack) is designed for AI and HPC workloads. Our development team are currently working on the Caracal update which delivers an AI-centric, highly powerful platform for customers immersed in AI, machine learning, or running any workloads that require high-performance computations. It also offers a compelling alternative for users looking to migrate from VMware. Our expert team take the hassle and admin headaches out of your Cloud migration and enable you to focus on mission critical goals.

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