Cloud Migration

The holy grail of open infrastructure is an open cloud-native platform that allows organisations to run modern workloads, whether virtualised, containerised, or bare metal – at any scale.

Open Infrastructure has become mainstream and there’s a march towards leveraging open technologies and components to build out modern services and becoming cloud native. This can often involve migrating away from proprietary solutions for cost and agility benefits, however, the steps to migrate can sometimes be daunting and also pose a high risk for organisations when looking to move mission-critical workloads.

JedAI, powered by OpenStack can act as an alternative or even a complementary companion to existing VMWare infrastructure. Depending on the appetite to remove VMware completely or just introduce a new technology along existing infrastructure.

We have simplified the process of migrating to Openstack completely, so you won’t need to worry about the administrative burden, by reducing the process to 5 simple steps. 

STEP 1: Start replication 
Start background replication of business applications, machines data and meta-data without any performance impact

 STEP 2: Store data 
All the data is stored in a cloud native format using volumes and snapshots of a target cloud 

STEP 3: automate orchestration 
Automated orchestration launches fully operational business applications on target OpenStack 

STEP 4: spin up test migrations 
Run an unlimited number of tests in an isolated VPC, run a set of functional and performance tests without performance impact 

STEP 5: run final cut-over 
Final migration or cut-over within a small and predictable maintenance window 

Openstack can operate as a standalone on-prem Cloud environment to run any workloads. Instances can be migrated across from VMware using our migration tool or new workloads can just be run on Openstack leaving the legacy applications to run on VMware. Another example of integrating with VMware would be to use Openstack as a Disaster Recovery (DR) target for VMware. 

If you need to retain VMware for main workloads but would like integrate a new target cloud for specific applications or even as a disaster recovery target for VMware (primary site), our solution can help. OpenStack can be setup to act as the DR target for an existing VMware environment helping to reduce the costs while still allowing workloads to run on VMware if your organization is not ready to make the full transition to OpenStack. In this scenario the OpenStack environment would kick in when the VMware infrastructure failed and gracefully allow the workloads to migrate back to VMware when issues are resolved. The OpenStack environment can continue to operate independently also and enable users to run Kubernetes, GPU accelerated workloads as needed. 

Following on from the DR target configuration, JedAI Cloud can fully replace VMware and vCloud/vSAN and provide an organization with a high performance open cloud native platform ready to run any scale workloads. To help with the transition, we include all the tools and services to migrate workloads from VMware to OpenStack to reduce the risk of any migration. 


  • Replication agent provided to be installed on the VMware estate. 
  • No data loss of downtime 
  • Live migrate instances 
  • Unlimited number of test migrations 
  • Dashboard and reporting for full transparency and accounting 
  • Also includes P2V capability allowing bare metal servers to be migrated to OpenStack 

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