jedai Cloud Computing
& Infrastructure


Optimised HPC Stacks

Our jedai Cloud Software leverages Openstack, simplifying and optimising it for high performance workloads

Our JedAI software can deliver everything from bare metal infrastructure, to virtualised service models and containerised applications. Our solution enables you with an API driven path to Cloud Native

Easy Cluster Management

Pre-integrated Solutions that have the agility to respond and scale to any workload demands

Everything you need for an on-prem private cloud infrastructure, including virtual compute, storage and networking in a a scale-out architecture, with a single, easy-to-use management interface

HPC On-Demand

Easily manage your
entire infrastructure from a secure, container-
driven orchestration platform

Bolt on bare-metal servers, add high performance
back end storage and containerize your mission critical applications – save on costs, simplify your infrastructure management and ease your admin burdens

Why Us

Software Driven

API-Driven Infrastructure

We’ll give you Cloud-like functionality for deploying and configuring your mission critical services – all in a matter of mouse-clicks


Easing your admin burdens

Whether you run services on bare metal or virtualised, our platform can support both environments. We also provide tools that allow users to convert from physical to virtual or virtual to physical

Container Registry

Easy Access to your Critical Applications

The secret to being truly Cloud Native lies with the ability to containerise your mission critical applications. With our software, you can update, run and manage the different components of your architecture as micro-services all under one roof. With support for Docker and Kubernetes.


Containerised Applications

Application portability and reproducibility are becoming major considerations in modern HPC environments today. Our platform includes runtime environments and registries to store and easily manage your containerised applications

Kubernetes Engine

Run both container and VMs side-by-side with advanced container orchestration engines, such as Kubernetes, that enable your to run containerised applications at scale for more demanding workloads


Happy Cloud Customers

 Working with Cloud and AI experts that we could consult upon gave us peace of mind throughout this process. We explained our challenges, our mission-critical practices, any issues we’ve come up against, to jointly come up with a solution that addressed all of these. 

Aspia Space

Aspia Space

Our new cloud infrastructure built on JedAI, opens up new opportunities for us to expand our customer offering, and gives us a robust foundation to now go and build our own customer-facing public cloud offering on top of

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With JedAI Software, we benefit from lower entry and operating costs, no lock-in or ongoing licensing fees. Everything we do is based on Open methodology and open architecture and fully disaggregated hardware

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Building upon our expertise in delivering market-leading hardware and software solutions, Define Tech will extend ICC’s reach to now support partners, and customers, on a global basis.