HFT Infrastructure Management

In a traditionally hardware-driven field like financial services, any mention of a software defined infrastructure will invariably lead to concerns over performance and latency. With JedAI we can alleviate any latency, security and budgetary concerns for FSI admins. Here’s how: Infrastructure Control With JedAI you can manage your entire Financial Services infrastructure from a secure, …

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An AI Pod that’s Super Simple, Super Scalable, and Super Affordable

The worlds of HPC and AI are evolving at a tremendous rate. The demands of modern-day applications put immense pressure on local IT teams and resources. More often than not, this pressure can come from requiring an AI strategy to speed up mission-critical applications – but this can come at a cost which can hinder …

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MediaHub Australia

MediaHub is the largest broadcast service provider in Australia, providing over 400 broadcast and live streaming services for both television and radio to audiences locally, nationally and internationally. THE BRIEF Running its own broadcasting cloud service and co-lo facility for customers, MediaHub had a broad range of existing technology platforms including pockets of VMware and KVM as …

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