HFT Infrastructure Management

In a traditionally hardware-driven field like financial services, any mention of a software defined infrastructure will invariably lead to concerns over performance and latency. With JedAI we can alleviate any latency, security and budgetary concerns for FSI admins. Here’s how:

Infrastructure Control

With JedAI you can manage your entire Financial Services infrastructure from a secure, on-premise, container-driven orchestration platform. With the added option of bolting on bare metal overclocked servers, add high performance back end storage and containerise your mission critical applications. Save on costs, simplify your infrastructure management and enable faster application development and deployment. 

Low Latency

One of the many benefits of JedAI for FSI is the ability to virtualise part, or all of your infrastructure. We’ve debunked the myth that performance penalties apply as soon as you virtualise (visit our HFT  blog where we managed to reduce latency times from 12 microseconds, to 2 microseconds – and bested this again at 1.3 microseconds using overclocked hardware!). 


JedAI offers all of the features and functionality of an agile, software-defined infrastructure but in the safety and security of your own facility, chosen datacentre or co-Lo provider, so you get the best of both worlds (a software-defined infrastructure with full physical access control). 


Manage your entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass, dynamically scale your resources (bare metal or virtualised) on-demand and even burst to public cloud providers if demand dictates. 


With JedAI, we can enable financial institutions to virtualise resources (eg. GPUs) which can be shared across a global user base , improving efficiency and utilisation and lowering TCO. Run secure dynamic Dev Ops environments on your own JedAI platform, that can spin up multiple different stacks, for use in any location that can scale on demand and elastically provision the resources as and when they are required. 


The JedAI platform is on-net with over 650 globally connected DCs, so that no matter how geographically diverse your team is, they can enjoy the benefits of a software-defined infrastructure. 

Low-Latency HFT Solution Providers 

We’ve partnered with HFT industry leading suppliers ICC USA to deliver frequency optimised, low latency solutions that perform consistently at record speeds and more importantly, reliably.

JedAI supports HFT workloads with these overclocked servers through bare metal provisioning with no detriment to performance. 

If you are interested in simplified IT management, scalable FSI resources, accelerated workloads and faster time to insight, talk to us about JedAI today, or download the JedAI for FSI Datasheet