MediaHub Australia

MediaHub is the largest broadcast service provider in Australia, providing over 400 broadcast and live streaming services for both television and radio to audiences locally, nationally and internationally.


Running its own broadcasting cloud service and co-lo facility for customers, MediaHub had a broad range of existing technology platforms including pockets of VMware and KVM as well as bare-metal managed environments. 

With the rapid growth in demand for services, the admin of their legacy platforms was becoming quite a challenge. MediaHub required a solution that is agile, scalable and secure, to support the ever-growing volumes of digital content that needs to be facilitated. 


As well as the need to consolidate their infrastructure by means of a private cloud, MediaHub also had a complex networking infrastructure which needed to integrate into the new cloud platform. Thanks to the power of Openstack, JedAI can cater to multi-tenant environments including VLAN and VXLAN provisioning – which can all be automated. 

The new cloud infrastructure also needed to integrate with the existing storage platform which is a significant backend object data storage service “ArkHub”, while ensuring optimal performance and security to and from the storage, due to the large nature of some of the data files involved. 

Security is imperative to MediaHub and its customers in the Broadcast and Media sector, who require the utmost security and reliability in every workflow. MediaHub are also actively pursuing other data-heavy industries, including healthcare, education, and finance, where secure access to historical data is critical, as well as features such as data encryption and secure storage. 


Define Tech deployed three identical open cloud environments for production, development and internal R&D, which allows them to migrate workloads from all of their existing environments into the new platform, giving a cost-effective, easy-to-manage single infrastructure. 

The solution included the aggregation of the KVM, containers/Kubernetes and bare metal environments into one internal cloud, giving them a single management interface and point of orchestration for all of their internal IT services. 

One of the additional features of the new platform is the support for secure multi-tenancy, which allows for sensitive workload segregation. 

JedAI has helped reduce complexity in terms of the IT admin teams role at MediaHub. Having only one central platform to manage reduces the administrative burden considerably. The new private cloud enables MediaHub to rapidly provision environments, which dramatically reduces the time required to onboard new customers. Leveraging some of the latest generation networking and CPU technologies, JedAI delivers substantial improvements in terms of the processing capabilities and storage access capabilities for MediaHub customers.