Accelerate your analytics with our Life Science Cluster

We have a long history of working with research teams, helping and advising them on best fit hardware and software so as to maximise performance for their applications. Our Turnkey, JedAI Life Science Cluster Solution is built around the latest and most powerful server architecture available on the market. Our expert team has designed low, medium and high spec cluster solutions, optimised for life science workloads including genome sequencing, data analytics, drug development and more. 

When developing a turnkey cluster solution, we adopt a layered approach. Starting with the end user requirements at an application level and working down the stack to the hardware that will ultimately deliver the resources. The goal of our software is to plug the gap between end user expectancy, and what’s provided by the hardware.

Turnkey Cluster Features

Our Turnkey Cluster solutions offer up to 8x NVIDIA A100 GPUs, delivering unprecedented compute performance to aid the discovery of new drugs, uncover genetic mutations to better fight disease, and drive healthcare innovation.

The NVMe storage block comes pre-integrated with WekaFS, a modern file system that accelerates the data pipeline, whether it is next-generation sequencing, Microscopy or bio-imaging, lowers the cost of research, and keeps data secure.

Thanks to our hardware partners ICC, we can offer the latest generation CPU options from industry veterans AMD and Intel, built to handle large scientific and engineering datasets with top performance – ideal for HPC workloads, compute-intensive models and analysis techniques.

High Performance clusters require flexible, high-speed connections. NVIDIA Mellanox interconnect accelerates and offloads data transfers to ensure compute resources never “go hungry” and simplify infrastructure automation so applications run faster.

Our built-in software application repository is a portfolio of thousands of containerised life-science frame-works, applications and pipeline analytics tools that come pre-integrated and ready to run.

Users can login to the cluster via our easy-to use, API-driven interface and simply request the hardware resources that he or she requires to run their desired application. JedAI Cloud handles the provisioning, OS deployment, application configuration, scheduling, telemetry and monitoring and presents the user with an environment that they know and are familiar with.

Our platform includes hpc-optimised capabilities such as secure dedicated clusters that can support collaborative research, virtualised GPU’s for accelerating analytical workloads (eg. Genomics pipelines) , cloud-native workstations for high-resolution image analysis as well as the integration of AI technologies such as Kubernetes, and Spark/Hail for GATK analysis.

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