What is LMX for Life Science?

A HPC & AI Orchestration Platform

LMX Cloud is an AI ready end to end infrastructure orchestration platform optimised for traditional analytical workloads within life science, for example – secondary and tertiary data analytics. The LMX platform can support everything from preliminary research to large scale simulation and analysis. 

LMX Cloud supports traditional analytical workloads eg. secondary and tertiary genomics analysis

LMX Features

Supporting your Cloud Strategy

HPC & AI Optimisations

LMX includes hpc-optimised capabilities such as secure dedicated clusters that can support collaborative research, virtualised GPU’s for accelerating analytical workloads (eg. Genomics pipelines) , cloud-native workstations for high-resolution image analysis as well as the integration of AI technologies such as Kubernetes, and Spark/Hail for GATK analysis.

Life Science Software Repository

Our built-in software repository is a portfolio of thousands of containerised life-science frameworks, applications and pipeline analytics tools that come pre-integrated and ready to run, including NVIDIA Clara for Genomics.

LMX Cloud Stack for Life Science

Full Infrastructure Support

With LMX Cloud, you can enjoy cloud-like capabilities with the security of your own internal infrastructure and leverage Public Cloud only when you need to. We support the full stack from infrastructure provisioning, right through to your HPC environment with integrated applications for running all of your life science workloads. Our platform can dynamically adapt and evolve depending on your changing user requirements.

GPU acceleration

Take advantage of the latest GPU technology to accelerate your existing datasets

Dynamic Scaling

Dynamically scale your resources on-demand and burst to public cloud providers when required

Public Cloud Bursting

Save costs by bursting to Public Cloud only when demand dictates

Global Reach

Virtualise resources share them across a global user base, improving efficiency, utilisation and lowering TCO

Physical Access

All of the functionality of a software-defined infrastructure but in the security of your facility

Full Infrastructure management

Manage your full infrastructure from a single GUI based interface

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Turnkey Solution

Demo our Life Science Cluster Solution

Our expert team has designed low, medium and high spec cluster solutions, featuring ICC hardware and LMX software and optimised for life science workloads.

When developing a turnkey cluster solution, we adopt a layered approach, starting with the end user requirements at the application level and working down the stack to the hardware that will ultimately deliver the resources. The goal of our software is to plug the gap between end user-expectancy, and what’s ultimately deliverable by the hardware.

Let's Get Started

Are you ready to reduce your time to Insights?

The progression of data analytics and the vast growth of the datasets themselves within life sciences has had a knock on effect on compute, storage and application requirements for life science workloads. LMX can support all of your compute, storage and application optimisation requirements in a single solution. Increase your time to insights, reduce your TCO and future-proof your life science infrastructure with LMX Cloud.

Lift off with Define Tech

With LMX you can run your life science workloads on a secure and cost effective private cloud and burst to public only when you need to


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