JedAI Private Cloud for Genomics

The field of genomics has been continuously exploding, generating vast amounts of data every day. Understanding genetic information is essential to advancing science and offering proper patient care, rapid responses for disease outbreaks, and better insights into population health and drug discovery. Alongside the expansion of genomic data comes the challenge of the storage and analysis of this data. In the pursuit of finding a solution to this problem, JedAI has provided an innovative approach towards accelerating time to insight for genomics workloads.

Built on OpenStack
JedAI, built on OpenStack is an open-source platform providing an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud environment. Openstack has rapidly gained popularity among organisations and developers due to its flexible nature and scalability. Storage and compute resources can be scaled to meet the requirements of a particular workload and decrease the TCO of storage resources.

Integration with various genomics tools
Seamless integration of genomic tools and workflows into the JedAI framework has aided in creating an ideal environment for genomic data analysis. JedAI offers various APIs and development tools which make it feasible for researchers to easily integrate their genomics tools into the cloud infrastructure.

Emphasis on data security
With genomic data being highly confidential, security is paramount. JedAI provides data privacy, security, and compliance at different levels of cloud infrastructure. The security features of JedAI include, among other things, network segmentation, encryption, secure file transfer, and user authentication.

Quick Deployment of Genomics workloads
JedAI offers a huge advantage over traditional infrastructure in that researchers can have a working environment within hours rather than days or even weeks. With the scalability of JedAI, researchers can start small, with just a few nodes, then increase resources as needed while still maintaining the same environment for data storage and analysis. By provisioning these resources through a user-friendly interface, researchers can concentrate more on analysing their data.

Better Resource Management
Genomics workloads have multiple stages ranging from data acquisition to analysis. Each stage requires a different set of resources, including storage, processing power, and memory. JedAI provides a single place for managing these resources making it easier for administrators to allocate resources to different workloads based on their requirements. Consequently, users can share or pool resources, which results in more efficient utilisation of hardware and cost savings.

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JedAI for Life Science

Our flexible private cloud platform enables cross-collaboration between multiple departments, research centres and even institutions where users can all benefit from shared access to vast datasets to accelerate discoveries in bio-pharmaceutical, consumer goods, healthcare, and agri-science organisations.