Define Tech Ltd. and CloudCIX Ltd. to support genomics research across 7 universities in Ireland  Galway, Ireland – Feb 1st, 2022: Define Tech, in partnership with CloudCIX, will establish a new cloud infrastructure, powered by open standards, to enable researchers at the SFI Centre for Research Training (CRT) in Genomics Data Science, to perform cutting […]

LONDON, UK – January 12th, 2021: Define Tech Ltd, developers of the OpenStack-based LMX Cloud platform has partnered with SUSE, a global leader in innovative and enterprise-grade open source solutions, to build an AI-optimised Cloud infrastructure for Kubernetes-orchestrated workloads at scale. For most industries, the term ‘Cloud-native’ is a popular goal for organisations that are […]

In this data-driven world, accelerating time to insights is the holy grail that research facilities are seeking, and as a result, many organisations are looking to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to advance their research initiatives. Of course with this AI-fueled innovation comes the enormous pressure on underlying infrastructure and the costs associated with continually upgrading legacy […]

 A GPU-accelerated, high-performance cluster solution for CFD, FEA and EDA workloads at scale  NORTHBROOK, Illinois – November 17th, 2021: International Computer Concepts (ICC), a leading systems integrator of enterprise-level computing solutions along with its European counterparts Define Tech Ltd, have added to their suite of Turnkey Cluster offerings, with a solution tailored for engineering workloads […]

From November 14th-19th, the world’s largest HPC event will take place in St. Louis Missouri, and with America now opening up to international travel, we’re really excited to get to walk the halls of the America’s Centre, learn about new and emerging technologies, meet with both old friends and new, and of course to discuss […]

LONDON, UK – October 26, 2021: Define Tech Limited, an independent software vendor focused on Cloud technology has teamed up with CloudCIX Ltd., to help develop HPC, Storage and AI orchestration capabilities on top of the CloudCIX platform. Best known for its data centre services, offering connectivity for Munster businesses, CloudCIX has also developed an […]

Over the years, the IT industry’s monogamous relationship with on-prem infrastructure became stale, restrictive, and lacked ambition. When the new kid on the block came along, we rebelled and jumped feet first into a love affair with Public Cloud. It was new, exciting and catered to all our desires – and all at a very […]

Rocky qcow2 images can be downloaded by clicking on the download link below, or if you would like to step through the process of building or customising your own image you can follow the step-by-step instructions below. How to Build Your own Rocky Images from the ISO file: To setup your Rocky Linux image, first […]

In December 2020, Redhat announced that its CentOS 8 distribution would be classified as EOL (end of life) by December 31st 2021 – a major acceleration from the initially planned EOL date of 2029.   At the end of this year, CentOS 8 plans to be replaced with CentOS Stream, but this is not a […]