Quantum Computing
as a Service


Advanced quantum hardware

leverage cUTTING EDGE quantum HARDWARE AND optimised ALGORITHM deveLopment environments

Access state-of-the-art quantum infrastructure, built using cutting-edge technology, ensuring that you have access to the most powerful quantum processors available.

testing &

Test your algorithms without incurring the cost of deploying on quantum infrastructure

Choose from a range of difference simulators to run and test your quantum algorithms –  previously impossible with classical computing.

& support

transitioning to quantum computing can be daunting. Leverage our team of experts

From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, we provide the expertise and assistance you need to make the most of your quantum computing investment.

Why Us



Unlocking the power of quantum computing will revolutionise national security and defence with enhanced communication security and faster encryption capabilities.


Advanced Data Analytics

Quantum workloads allow financial institutions to process and analyse data at unprecedented speeds, which helps to optimise trading strategies, improve risk management, and enhance fraud detection.


Accelerated Computational fluid dynamics

Quantum computing enables more efficient way to simulate the properties of materials and molecules – a critical factor for computational fluid dynamics studies in the automotive industry.



Run complex molecular simulations and analyse vast amounts of medical data more efficiently than ever before enabling faster drug discovery and personalised medicine.

QCaaS Features


Experience faster performance, reduced wait times, and increased uptime.

Access quantum systems

Experience the benefits of quantum computing without delays with our enterprise-ready quantum systems

Simple quantum architecture

Leverage streamlined quantum architecture for enhanced simplicity, flexibility, and scalability

Modular Design

Customers can benefit from technology that is scalable to support their growing enterprise.


Happy Customers

By consolidating our infrastructure into one solution, we realized quickly that the sum of the parts were indeed a lot greater than the whole. We now have a single cluster that not only takes the load off the legacy platforms but builds upon it

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Thornton Tomasetti

We found Define Tech to be made up of a team of professionals that treat us as partners rather than customers. 100% reliable and always striving to deliver workable, technical and business solutions

Wes Maru


Having the opportunity to work closely with local technology experts to help shape cloud computing services for Genomics in Ireland and to train a cohort of highly skilled graduates is the most exciting aspect of this joint venture

Cathal Seoige


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Building upon our expertise in delivering market-leading hardware and software solutions, Define Tech will extend ICC’s reach to now support partners, and customers, on a global basis.