Optimised for HPC

LMX Cloud is a comprehensive Cloud HPC cluster management stack that supports a broad range of workloads and software environments, enabling organisations with an agile and scalable IT infrastructure.

Complete HPC user environment
Control infrastructure via cloud APIs
Comprehensive monitoring and alerting
OpenLDAP authentication
Support for virtual machines and bare metal
Containerised application stack support via Singularity
Web UI Portal with support for file transfers, workload management,
and on demand VNC, RStudio and Jupyter support
On demand Kubernetes provisioning and scaling


For Analytics & AI

High Performance Computing and Analytics (HPCA) is a rapidly growing sector that combines traditional High Performance Computing (HPC) with High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA). 

Modern workloads are adapting AI tools and techniques to shift through enormous data volumes to extract insight or enhance solutions. LMX Cloud provides the agility to respond and scale to any workload demands ranging from compute intensive simulations to the processing of large data sets.

Composable HPC

Composable HPC enable’s IT administrators and users to dynamically configure their HPC resource when demand dictates. 

Auto-provision from pools of compute, GPU, FPGA, NVMe and storage-class memory in seconds, scale up or out as needed, and return the resources back to a shared pool upon job completion, ready to be redeployed as required.

Our key differentiators

Secure Multi-Cluster

LMX Cloud provides users with a secure environment where HPC systems can be segregated into multi-tenant environments to provide isolated and secure access to HPC resources.

API Driven Infrastructure

Built on open standards and APIs, our platform can be fully automated by development teams for DevSecOps workloads and CI/CD pipelines.

User Portal

Our portal allows users to fully harness the power of HPC clusters through a simple to use interface. Create your own VNC sessions for remote visualisation, RStudio dashboards or Jupyter notebooks.

Public Cloud Extension

When resources on premise reach capacity, LMX Cloud can extend or replicate clusters out to a public cloud environment. High priority projects or sudden changes to resource demands can be accommodated instantly with an elastic infrastructure.

Container Registry

Application portability and reproducibility are becoming major considerations in modern HPC environments today. Our platform includes not just container runtime environments but also registry to store containers and build servers to create and manage containerised applications.

On Demand Parallel Storage

Populate compute nodes with SSD/NVMe and create on demand parallel filesystems (Lustre/ BeeGFS) on-demand via the scheduler for IO intensive workloads. Automatically move required datasets to and from the flash tier.