An South East Asian agency, focused on natural disaster detection and prevention, has de­ployed a multi-region, GPU-accelerated, HPC cluster based on the LMX AI reference architecture, as a national AI cloud for cloud native workloads. The state agency was tasked with mitigating a na­tionwide crisis (COVID-19), and faced major operational challenges in responding to the […]

MediaHub is the largest broadcast service provider in Australia, providing over 400 broadcast and live streaming services for both television and radio to audiences locally, nationally and internationally. THE BRIEF Running its own broadcasting cloud service and co-lo facility for customers, MediaHub had a broad range of existing technology platforms including pockets of VMware and […]

Oil and gas measurement (OGM), a member of the oil and gas holdings ltd. (OGHL) group of companies, provides the highest quality of products for oil & gas custody transfer applications. It also offers front-end consultancy, prototyping, in-house testing and accompanies these services with cutting-edge scientific research. Staffed by a wholly independent team of engineers […]