Enterprise Hardware


With over 25 years of experience in the industry, ICC-USA specialise in cloud computing, high-performance computing (HPC), storage, computational finance, GPU servers & High Frequency Trading, with a team that is highly-trained in developing architecture-minded solutions. Historically, ICC focused on selling Supermicro-based solutions and have now grown to develop their own custom solutions for HPC, storage, and finance that are unparalleled in the marketplace.

Industry leading Ceph support


Ceph is the leading open source platform for software-defined storage (SDS). Its inherent scale-out support means you can gradually build large systems as cost and demand require, and it sports enterprise-grade features such as erasure coding, thin provisioning, cloning, load-balancing, automated tiering between flash and hard drives, and simplified maintenance and debugging. There’s no question Ceph is powerful, but it also has a history of complexity which has challenged organizations as they grow – which is where SoftIron comes in.

Powerful NVMe Storage


Define Tech partners with Lightbits to leverage its powering LightOSTM storage software – a software-defined block storage solution that delivers composable, high-performance, scale-out and redundant NVMe/TCP storage that performs like local flash. With software defined storage solutions like LightOS, customers can scale their business effortlessly, accelerate IT operations, and reduce cost – at the speed of local flash.
Kubernetes-orchestrated Cloud

SUSE Rancher

 SUSE Rancher, a leading container management platform designed for teams adopting Kubernetes containers, addresses the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters. Combining LMX Cloud software, with SUSE Rancher enables organisations to create multi-tenanted, secure, containerised environments with all of the additional capabilities and features that SUSE Rancher brings, such as telemetry and ease of management, and the ability to operate across both private and hybrid cloud environments including AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. 

CUDO Ventures
Visionary Innovation Delivered Ethically

CUDO Ventures

50% of hardware around the world is currently standing idle. At the same time we have a plethora of computational puzzles in need of being solved, such as the processing of digital currency. Creating a super computer in the cloud by aggregating the processing power of all the connected computers, the Cudo application can be used as a resource to solve those, and many other, computational problems. The Cudo platform harnesses spare computing power, not only for monetization, but also for good. Cudo’s technology is not only intuitive and easy to use, but is also green, calculating any additional electricity being used and balancing this with carbon credits, funding projects to protect the environment.