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What is LMX Cloud


LMX Cloud is designed to assist customers on their journey to Cloud Native through infrastructure virtualisation and application containerisation, and ensure they enjoy the benefits of applying these Cloud techniques in a Media and Broadcast (M&B) IT environment.

Traditionally M&B houses would use single purpose, dedicated hardware for specific tasks, for example proprietary hardware for encoding,  in-house servers for rendering and other for storage. Typical pain points include this mix of legacy hardware appliances with the added pressure of very specific storage requirements. With LMX Cloud, by virtualising legacy hardware solutions, our customers quickly realise the benefits of a Cloud approach with increased utilisation and decreased costs.

Our Value Add

Control your cloud journey


Virtualise only what you need

Moving from bare-metal to Cloud Native by virtualising your entire infrastructure is a huge leap. LMX Cloud’s has the ability to support bare-metal provisioning for certain legacy applications if required, enabling customers to make a gradual transition to Cloud-Native at a pace that suits them.

Containerised Applications

As well as virtualisation, our software also supports containerised applications with simplified management via Kubernetes. Containerising your applications makes it easier to run them in any preferred Cloud environment, be it on premise with LMX Cloud or by bursting to public Cloud when the demand dictates.
But that's not all

Cloud Service Add-ons

With a long history in the Broadcast and media industry, we can support a variety of Broadcast-centric use cases
and services with our Cloud software, enabling you to:

Deliver high quality, low latency video content using storage, networking, compute and GPU accelerated infrastructure

Store and preserve your media assets and content efficiently and securely

Transcode and encode live and on-demand video content, quickly and securely

Spin up virtual machines with GPU acceleration and run big batch processing on your archived material to save costs

Use AI tools to streamline processes like content search and discovery and automatically enrich videos with intelligence

Scale your rendering pipeline with secure and performant cloud-native and hybrid rendering tools

Create and collaborate on post-production workflows seamlessly and securely in the cloud.

Enable your secure remote production infrastructure and process traditional broadcast apps in the cloud, to reduce costs and complexity

Cloud technology
Why move to the Cloud?

The Benefits of Cloud

Solutions that Simplify

Are you ready to transition to an IP infrastructure?

With LMX Cloud, our focus is flexibility, cost efficiency and bringing simplicity to the complex. Run your applications as bare metal, or virtualised or containers. Use as many or as few features of our platform as you require and ultimately split your infrastructure into Development and Production environments depending on mission critical applications – giving you a secure platform that simply and safely facilitates your cloud native infrastructure journey.

LMX Private Cloud Stack - Broadcast & Media

Control your cloud-native journey at your pace and to suit your budget. Contact us today.


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