AMD’s latest CPU release, the 3rd generation EPYC range based on the “Zen 3” core architecture, continue to help businesses deliver better time to results, with up to double digit generational performance gains.

Based on the AMD Infinity Architecture, new EPYC™ 7003 Series processors provide full features and functionality for both one socket and two socket server options which are prevalent in both commercial and research High Performance Computing as well as many other use cases in the high performance space.

High-performance computing (HPC) helps scientists, researchers, and engineers bring their imaginations to life – advancing scientific discovery, delivering better product design, and finding answers to complex problems faster. With AMD technologies, the HPC community can propel innovations and insights with ground-breaking high-performance computing and advanced security features to help deliver results like never before.

Built to handle large datasets with top performance – AMD EPYC™ processors are ideal for HPC workloads, compute-intensive models and analysis techniques, and for this reason AMD technology is used by some of the world’s fastest, most scalable datacenters and supercomputers.

AMD in the Field

Commercial HPC
Delivering higher quality designs through faster simulation or modeling while keeping IT expenses low is critical for an organization to thrive. Data center servers powered by AMD balance high performance with high efficiency, allowing organizations to accelerate and optimize their workflows such as CFD, EDA, and more.

Research & Science
Scientific discoveries in life science, computational chemistry, astrophysics and more are impacting our lives in a profound way. Scientists and researchers are pushing the boundaries of innovation with the help of computing clusters powered by AMD, an industry leader in HPC performance.

Exascale Computing
Helping to solve some of the world’s biggest and most complex challenges, AMD CPUs and GPUs have been chosen to power some of America’s first exascale supercomputers.

AMD in Action

Optimized VDI: AMD EPYC™ CPU based servers deliver outstanding Virtualized Desktop Instance (VDI) performance, while helping reduce CapEx and OpEx.

Shorter Product Development Time: AMD EPYC™ CPU based servers deliver up to ~2X the performance on FEA applications – speeding time to results and giving you a competitive edge2.

Accelerating Product Innovation: Speed the pace of innovation with EPYC™ CPU-based servers by completing simulations faster – shortening development times and improving product quality.

Accelerated Database: AMD EPYC™ based servers can up to double the transactions throughput of in-memory NoSQL database, so you can harness actionable, real-time insights for your business.

Modern Container Security: AMD is extending VM security leadership from Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) to containers with the latest EPYC™ processors.

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Turn your data center into a competitive advantage with AMD – setting superior standards for performance, security and scalability for your most demanding workloads.